Saturday, June 28, 2008


Things progressed very quickly today! It is always amazing how much I can get done in a few hours before everyone else gets out of bed. I'm definitely a morning person. The pantalets went quickly - not much different than other's I've made from Gail Wilson's kits. I must say that I am getting much better at sewing on lace. The bottoms of the legs practically gathered themselves when I did the basting on my maching - this batiste is so delicate it was a breeze. The socks are more like leg warmers and they fit perfectly. I don't think she'll need stirrups or garter stitches for these as long as I don't take them off and on too much and stretch them out. Isn't it nice how the lace shows up on the dark socks? The shoes were a challenge, but they didn't turn out too poorly for someone who has such limited experience with leather. If I make another Fashion Doll, I could be tempted to just paint on the shoes!!! I'm enjoying this girl more and more. I need to come up with a pretty, old fashioned name for her. Hmmmm...

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