Saturday, June 28, 2008


Things progressed very quickly today! It is always amazing how much I can get done in a few hours before everyone else gets out of bed. I'm definitely a morning person. The pantalets went quickly - not much different than other's I've made from Gail Wilson's kits. I must say that I am getting much better at sewing on lace. The bottoms of the legs practically gathered themselves when I did the basting on my maching - this batiste is so delicate it was a breeze. The socks are more like leg warmers and they fit perfectly. I don't think she'll need stirrups or garter stitches for these as long as I don't take them off and on too much and stretch them out. Isn't it nice how the lace shows up on the dark socks? The shoes were a challenge, but they didn't turn out too poorly for someone who has such limited experience with leather. If I make another Fashion Doll, I could be tempted to just paint on the shoes!!! I'm enjoying this girl more and more. I need to come up with a pretty, old fashioned name for her. Hmmmm...

Fashion Doll

I am in Gail Wilson's on-line Fashion Doll class this spring and summer. It has been a very enjoyable class. Some of the members of the class are seriously into historical accuracy and are sharing everything they know or can find about the era. Others are asking questions or sharing tips to help the dolls turn out the best that we can. Some have chosen to give their dolls earrings , crocheted snoods, and fancy mitts. Mine is more of an all-American, down to earth girl who finds beauty in simpler things. I had a hard time with getting the snood to work with her hair. I might not have trimmed or thinned the wig enough, but after looking at other's photos, I really think the netting just isn't as stretchy or large as the crocheted snoods. Maybe I shouldn't have given up with crocheting one and moved up to a larger hook size (I tend to crochet so tight, I found the size impossible to see and work with). I like the way she is turning out, so I'm not going to dwell on that! Last weekend I made her camisole/petticoat onesie - I am hoping that she will get her pantalets, socks and shoes in the next few days so that I can move on to her clothes!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Little Fallen Bird

When I returned hom with W. and M. after taking W4 to leave for a mission trip in Richmond, we found a tiny, baby bird under the apple tree. It could barely fly. We knew there was a nest in the tree, but could not see one within reach. We could hear other baby birds chirping, so we knew it was higher in the tree, out of reach.

We put the bird up on a branch of the tree several times. It would try to fly again and fall back to the ground. Poor little bird.

After a few attempts at flying out of the tree, we put it on a smaller branch, and it was able to climb on the tree a bit.

Before we went inside, we put it on the highest branch in the tree that we could reach. We hope that it will not be found by a wandering cat or other predator. We know that God knows about every fallen sparrow. It will be up to Him to protect it when we can't. We will just have to treasure the time when we tried to help a little, lost creature in trouble.
- Jen

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Something Sweet

I really have been very busy since my last post. Really. I bought 2 leotards from Show-Off, and adorned them with sequins, appliques and rhinestones for M. to wear at her baton twirling contests. Those kept me busy for a lot longer than I planned!

I've been taking the Gail Wilson on-line Fashion Doll class. The doll is made and wigged, and I've even finished the stand. I am woefully behind on her clothing - onsie slip, pantelettes, socks, shoes, 2 piece outfit and hat. When she isn't naked, I'll take some pictures and post them.

Until then, I thought I'd share a pic of something M. and I made last week for her brother's high school graduation party. She jokingly called them smorgashboards, but you'll figure out what they really are supposed to look like...

I saw the idea on Kraft's website. We covered graham crackers with melted milk chocolate morsels. The cupcake tops were cut off. The graham crackers were attached to the cupcakes with chocolate frosting. M. trimmed fruit roll ups to make the tassels and then stuck Skittles on top for the buttons. M. & W.'s cousins gobbled them right up - and I think the adults enjoyed them, too.