Friday, April 27, 2012

All Gesso'd Up

In addition to the Small Quilt a Month Challenge, I have been working on another project.  I am taking Dixie Redmond's on-line Izzanah Walker workshop.  It began April 1st, and wraps up at the end of June. I am feeling a bit behind, having been delayed by my 13 year old sewing machine ceasing to work, and then a false start with some fabric I had on hand that just wasn't going to work.
I have managed to get three torsos and heads sewn, and the heads are now gessoed up and ready to go!  The next step is scultping with paperclay, something new for me to learn!  I am looking forward to trying a new medium out and seeing how well I do.  Wish me luck!

Doll Cores All Gesso'd Up and Ready to Go

April Small Quilt A Month - Doll Nine Patch

I am actually keeping up with my Small Quilt a Month challenge!  Here is what I did this month.  April's quilt was designed by Kathleen Tracy and shared in the Small Quilt Talk Yahoo! group, rather than being based on one from one of her books.  This one was quick and simple.  I used a charm pack that I'd gotten a year or two ago from Keepsake Quilting for all but the borders, binding and backing.

April Small Quilt - Doll Nine Patch

Monday, April 9, 2012

March Small Quilt of the Month - Civil War Baskets Quilt

     March's challenge was from the Remembering Adelia book by Kathleen Tracy.  This is one of the quilts that I really wanted to make, so I decided to make it using the full book pattern rather than the smaller alternative of a single block!  Appliqueing all the basket handles slowed me down a little bit, but what really slowed me down and made me "miss" my self imposed end-of-the-month deadline was when my Janome Memory Craft 9000 decided to stop running 10 mintues into the machine quilting.  Luckily, my wonderful husband had suggested that we purchase the Service Manual years ago, so he did the diagnostic testing and determined that either the motor needed to be replaced (about $110) or one of the 7 boards (A board = $650), n,eeded to be replaced.  Since it had seemed a bit sluggish lately, even at the high speed, we decided to order the motor from a local dealer and see if that fixes it.
     While waiting for the motor to come in, I was really stressed out and missed my machine very, very much.  I decided that I wanted a new "back up" machine as an "early birthday present."  I spent about a week reading reviews and had finally narrowed my choice down to 2 machines.  I showed them both to my wonderful husband, and he suggested that I get the one that was the more expensive of the two (a Janome 2012).  It arrived while I was visiting Longwood Gardens last week!  I finished the machine quilting and sewed on the binding on Friday, and then hand sewed the binding to the back while watching movies with the family on Easter evening.  I wanted to take a photo outside, but the winds were working against me today. Tomorrow ends my vacation, and I have to go back to work, so please excuse the "kitchen table" photo!


I made good use of my final day off, too!  I photographed the apple blossoms and lilacs blooming in my yard (look for another post later this week), backed up my folder on our home server to my laptop's "scratch pad" drive, and pieced the April Small Quilt of the Month top, using squares from a charm fabric pack, my fat quarter stash, and some fabric left over from a dress I made for Felicity.  April's quilt is a special design by Kathy that is shared in the files of the Small Quilt Talk group., rather than selected from one of her books.  It is a nine-patch doll quilt - stay tuned for more photos in the upcoming days and weeks ahead.
I hope you are enjoying the Spring weather and finding time to do what you love!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wishing You a Joyous Easter

East Lilies in Conservatory

Jesus Christ is Risen Today!

Remembering the Empty Tomb today,
we know that Jesus Christ fulfilled all prophecy, 
Conquering Sin and Death
In order that we, poor and miserable sinners, 
Through faith in His Saving Grace, 
Will spend eternity in Heaven with our Risen LORD and Savior!

He is Risen, indeed!


Wishing you faith, joy and peace on this Holy Day.

Conservatory Lilies