Sunday, July 13, 2008

Special Things

One of my doll groups was talking about childhood memories of special birthday gifts that were dolls. It reminded me of this lovely glass "doll" figurine that was given to me by my great grandmother when I was a little girl. I love how her blue glass sparkles and reflects other colors. I don't recall how old I was when I got her, but I do have some wonderful memories of visiting my grandparents in Cumberland, MD. Grandma K. lived with them and she was very good at making things with her hands. I have an afghan of knitted squares in some very interesting colors that I keep in my hope chest that I will never part with, even if it matches nothing, I know it was made by someone very special. Some days, I really miss all of my grandparents that have gone to heaven ahead of me (only one dear grandmother is still with us). I love to tell my children stories about them: what I did with them when I was little, or what habits I have that I learned from them.