Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dress, Bonnet and Apron

Seems like Spring has been flying by, without a lot of time for sewing and dollmaking.  This week, I finally finished dressing my Gail Wilson Izannah Walker kit doll!  I am planning a winter outfit for her with the long sleeved dress, another apron and cape.  Maybe a hard bonnet - we'll see.  But I'm going to work on some clothes for some other dolls first!

GW Izannah Walker Dress & Apron

Finished GW Izannah Walker Inspired Doll's Bonnet

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gail Wilson Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

I haven't completely disappeared!  I've been working on this little 10" Izannah Walker inspired kit by Gail Wilson.  She has been a very slow project for me this winter.  Projects around the house with my husband have taken a lot of our "spare time."  When I opened the kit, which I purchased a good while ago, I discovered that the paint containers for the skin had opened and dried out (a miracle that it wasn't all over the other paint pots!).  Luckly, I had some GW flesh colored paint already on hand!   Then, while getting ready to begin painting her face, her paper mache head feel off the pencil/rag "holder" onto the floor, breaking the back part of her shoulder plate!  I was devastated.  I couldn't believe how much crying I did over that silly little doll project - she was more important to me than I realized.  My wonderful husband came up with an idea on how to fix her using some 2 part epoxy stuff from the hardware store.  We molded it as best we could to her, waited a day or two, then sanded it as best we could and painted it.  The repair is obvious when she has no clothes on, but I decided it would be good enough to continue and press on.  Painting her face was a challenge - the experience reminded me that I'm overdue for an appointment with the optometrist, and that I should probably invest in some mag-eyes for this type of project!  But I persevered and did the best I could.

The camisole was made, but my kit didn't have a ribbon for the front, so it took me a while to decide what to use.  I found a light blue silk ribbon in my embroidery things, and over dyed it to soften the color.  Her camisole, pantalettes and slip are finally done!

GW Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

GW Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

GW Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

Yesterday, I picked out the fabrics for her summer dress, bonnet, winter dress and apron and bonnet.  I already had fabric for her cape.  I hope I can make quicker progress on her clothes, because my Gail Wilson order from her March sale arrived on Friday!  I have so many projects to finish this summer - because in the Fall, I will be taking Gail's on-line class to make 9", 7" and 4 1/2" Milliners Model dolls.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jane Austen project is complete!

Jane's bonnet was finished last weekend.  I may fidget a bit more with the ruffled lining to see if I can get it to have smaller ruffling - it seems I've got on big ruffle for several stitched.

GW Jane Austen with bonnet

Jane also has had her book for a few weeks.  It contains brief summaries of her stories.

Gail Wilson Jane Austen doll

The next Gail Wilson doll project is underway - no pre-painted parts this time!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Update on my Jane Austen doll

Jane's dress is finished.  So is her stand.  I debated a while as to whether or not to put the label on her stand.  Gail is going to come out with 3 more dolls in this series, and promised to also come out with a pattern for Civil War era dresses, so I may have a Little Women set as well.

Jane Austen doll and stand

Gail's painting amazes me!  I am in awe of her control and ability to make such fine, smooth lines.  I'm really blessed to have been able to get the kit with painted parts!

Gail Wilson Jane Austen doll

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Work in Progress: GW Jane Austen

I began working on this project between Christmas and New Years.  I bought the kit from Gail Wilson Designs in one of her sales.  The special offer was a bundle that included the doll kit, stand kit and book kit.  I always enjoy working on Gail's kits because I always learn how to do something new.  Jane's dress includes cartridge pleating to attach the sleeves and the skirt.  I gathered the skirt 4 times, and attempted to connect it 3 times before I was satisfied!  I need to use a small zig zag around the skirt edges and do the hem next.  Then the silk sash, bow and buttons, and the dress will be done.  

Today I bought thread to match the silk sash.  I'm fighting off a sore throat that wants to become a full blown cold, so that might be all I accomplish today!  I find I can do my best work when I'm not sick!

Work in Progress:  Gail Wilson Jane Austin Doll Project in Progress

Sunday, December 23, 2012

December Small Quilt of the Month

December Small Quilt of the Month

The December Quilt is Turkey Tracks, from Kathleen Tracy's book, Remembering Adelia.  It has a lot of triangles, which make it a bit more tedious for me to do, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I suppose making a dozen small quilts this year has been good for my piecing, if nothing else!  I was determined to get this one done before Christmas, so I machine quilted it.  I think it is one of my favorites from this year.

Merry Christmas, everyone!  

May God bless your celebration of His Son's Birth!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Meet Christine

The dress for the last of the three Izannah Walker dolls is finished, and so is Christine!  It seemed fitting that she'd have a nice, bright, festive dress for the Christmas season!