Sunday, April 4, 2010

My First "Face Ups"

I ordered 2 Petite Ai dolls, Sariel and Jenniel, from Custom House last November during a buy one-get one sale.  They finally arrived on March 22nd.   These are the first ball jointed dolls that I've bought without their "face ups."  It was certainly a different experience to open the box to find pure resin dolls without any eyes or any color on them at all.  My nose told me that these were freshly made dolls - the resin smelled different than any other doll that has arrived here!

I got out my watercolor pencils, chalk pastels, clear matte sealer, and clear gloss.  Here they are during the early steps of the face up.

Once the clear sealer had dried, I put gloss on their lips and eyelids.  When that dried, I glued on some eyelashes that I had in my supply box.  Jenniel got dark blond lashes, and Sariel got brown.

Then I had to wait until I could go to the store to get some poster tac so that I could insert some eyes.  Fortunately, the family agreed to make time to do that early on Saturday!  Last night, I inserted their eyes:  brown for Sariel, and natural grey for Jenniel.  I didn't care for the bright green eyes that CH sent with them, and these were the only eyes in my stash that really fit in their eye wells.

Here they are with their eyes.  I tried on 3 or 4 wigs on each of them, but none seemed right.  I ordered some new wigs, and I hope that they'll find something that fits them in size and style!  While we wait, we'll have to think of some better names for them!