Saturday, June 21, 2008

Little Fallen Bird

When I returned hom with W. and M. after taking W4 to leave for a mission trip in Richmond, we found a tiny, baby bird under the apple tree. It could barely fly. We knew there was a nest in the tree, but could not see one within reach. We could hear other baby birds chirping, so we knew it was higher in the tree, out of reach.

We put the bird up on a branch of the tree several times. It would try to fly again and fall back to the ground. Poor little bird.

After a few attempts at flying out of the tree, we put it on a smaller branch, and it was able to climb on the tree a bit.

Before we went inside, we put it on the highest branch in the tree that we could reach. We hope that it will not be found by a wandering cat or other predator. We know that God knows about every fallen sparrow. It will be up to Him to protect it when we can't. We will just have to treasure the time when we tried to help a little, lost creature in trouble.
- Jen

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