Saturday, January 5, 2013

Work in Progress: GW Jane Austen

I began working on this project between Christmas and New Years.  I bought the kit from Gail Wilson Designs in one of her sales.  The special offer was a bundle that included the doll kit, stand kit and book kit.  I always enjoy working on Gail's kits because I always learn how to do something new.  Jane's dress includes cartridge pleating to attach the sleeves and the skirt.  I gathered the skirt 4 times, and attempted to connect it 3 times before I was satisfied!  I need to use a small zig zag around the skirt edges and do the hem next.  Then the silk sash, bow and buttons, and the dress will be done.  

Today I bought thread to match the silk sash.  I'm fighting off a sore throat that wants to become a full blown cold, so that might be all I accomplish today!  I find I can do my best work when I'm not sick!

Work in Progress:  Gail Wilson Jane Austin Doll Project in Progress

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