Friday, December 11, 2009

Starting to Decorate for Christmas

This year, the Christmas decorations are coming out very slowly.  The kitchen is almost done. My snowman collection is on display on the wall shelf.   Over the years. the kids have made some, I've bought others, and still others were gifts.

As my parents went through their big move to a new house, they gave us their hutch (over 40 years old) and their kitchen table and chairs.  It all fit in quite nicely in our kitchen.  The hutch is "decorated" for Christmas, except for the nativity scene that will go in the center space between the radio and silver chest.  I'll be getting that out this weekend.

A close up of my Hummel Christmas angels.  These were all Christmas gifts from my parents.  The olive wood nativity was hand carved by Christians in Bethlehem.  Each fall, a representative brings their carvings to our church to sell to help enable the Christians to stay in Bethlehem when tourism has slowly been decreasing.

My little Hummel boy with the bunnies is surrounded by little bunnies that came in boxes of Red Rose tea.  He is joined by my 2 Christmas Boyds figurines.

Did you notice my rose/pink walls?  We've decided that color scheme and wallpaper border are due for replacement.  More than 15 years is enough!  We are hoping to repaint the kitchen between Christmas and New Year's, if all goes well.

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Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hello Jen, Thank you for following my bears' blog! They love to get visitors!

A very happy Christmas to you :o)