Tuesday, January 27, 2009

M's First Quilt

My oldest nephew is a soldier who is deployed to Iraq.  His wife is waiting for him to return in Texas.  In December, their first child was born, a baby girl.  

M. has loved Home Ec. this school year.  She wanted to make a baby quilt for our newest family member.  We bought a kit at Joann's called Fairy Beary.  I coached her on what to do, and helped with a few little things, but it is mostly her work.  The kit had some challenges in it - stretchy velour type fabric, and sheer, shiny pink fabric that tends to ravel.  I think she did an excellent job for her first quilt, don't you? 

We will have to wrap it up and send it to Texas as soon as we can!


Helena said...

THat's a beautiful quilt. I'd love to make a quilt. One day, maybe!

My brother was out there in the first Gulf War with the RAF, so I know what a worry it is.

Jen said...

Thanks, Helena! We got to speak to our nephew last weekend - he got a brief R&R to see the new baby. He heads back to Iraq on Friday. We're hoping the quilt makes it to TX before he leaves. We're praying for his safety there. He won't be home until next winter and we hope to see him, his wife and daughter next Christmas!