Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Driving home from work this evening was full of rainbows.  I counted 3 or 4 of them - hard to tell because they seem to move when the perspective changes along the highway.  The first one was huge, but traffic was moving at a good speed for a change, so all I could do was try to admire it and still keep my eyes on the road!  When traffic came to a standstill near the intersection of 2 major highways, I was able to snap some shots with my cell phone.  I saw an older man parked on the other side of the road who was taking photos with a large camera.  I think if I had had a better camera with me, I would have stopped.

God made many promises to His people.  He keeps them all.  He reminds us every time we open his Book, witness new life, are spared a sorrow...or like today, stuck in traffic on a rainy afternoon, surrounded by rainbows.

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