Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ella the Elephant

This is Ella the Elephant. I made her using a pair of socks and a pattern from Q. D. Patooties. Lisa posted her pattern, which is free, here:

This project went really fast! I used buttons from my button box for her eyes, and I had a piece of felt, the ribbon and stuffing on hand, too.

My husband isn't always all that interested in the things I make, but he actually took Ella with him to show her off to another member of our family. He wants me to make him a gray one. My daughter wants a baby blue one. My son wants a red one and a smaller orange one. My kids think we should have holiday elephants and use the socks that they sell for the different holiday seasons - can you imagine a candy-cane elephant? They can. I think they'll be lucky to get their own! Especially with my on-line class starting next weekend!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

A heffalump from a pair ov soks? WOW. Yu'd hav to be brayve if yu wer to yews my Daddy's soks. They'd be toxik heffalumps, then.

Linette said...

Keep up the good work.