Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bear Work in Progress

I'm a big fan of Gail Wilson Designs. I love making her kits. Several sales ago, I purchased all of the felt teddy bear kits, except that she only had instructions for their home, not the kit. I thought that I would make the home using Gail's instructions, but everything sat in a box under my bed for a long time. Then I saw what people were doing with the CD houses that Michael's has been carrying. I got to thinking that maybe that would work for my bears - at least temporarily. The house was painted with a primer, blue paint from my family room, off white paint from trim work somewhere in my house, and a dark brown from Gail. I then used acrylics to paint grass and flowers around the house.

Here's one side.

Here's the back. It is a little plain, but it is the back, after all.

Here is the other side. I printed brick paper from the web ( Before gluing it to the chimney, I sprayed it with a matte sealer.

I made 5 little felt bears from the Gail Wilson bear kit. The first one I made was given to my daughter. Their arms and legs are rolls of felt. I still have to dress them, but here they are.

I made the table and chairs kit, and the high chair kit. The high chair was a surprise - when I stirred the paint, I realized it was purple! I love purple, but the photo of it didn't turn out so well.

This is the baby bear's bed. It has a mattress, pillow, pillowcase trimmed with lace, and a pieced quilt that is actually like a pillowcase for the mattress.

Here are the bears with their table and chairs on the first floor of the little house. I used left-over dollhouse flooring on the floors. I will put fabric or scrapbook paper on the back walls when all the furniture and accessories are done and I have a better idea of what will coordinate with everything.

This is a young bear in the little bed upstairs.

I have more kits to make and will post my progress here. Not all of it will fit in the house, so I will have to figure out how to make it all work.

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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


How kind yu ar to mayke all theez Bears such luvly things!

My Mummy haz trubbol findin clothes fer me. I'm ownly 8 inches hi. Do yu kno whare she cud get eny patterns fer maykin me things? I cud giv them to her fer Crismoss!